Getting started

To create a new room in your model, click the "Library" icon of the RoomBox toolbar. This will open the room library that contains the rooms that you own as well as rooms available for purchase.

Place your cursor over a room and click the "Create new" button. This will activate the room creation tool in SketchUp.

RoomBox offers room packs that you may purchase to expand your library.

However, RoomBox also comes with a few free rooms so that you can try it out.

Move the cursor in the model to see a preview of where the room can be placed. When hovering vertical surfaces like windows, the room will automatically snap and align with the surface.

Click to create the room.

Creating a new room will open the room editor. In that window, you can edit the attributes of the room, such as its size and its contents.

This page described how to quickly create rooms in your model.

To learn more about RoomBox, please check out the other pages of the manual:

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